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Asset Value Investors (“AVI”) is a boutique investment manager that is based in London

and is majority-owned by its employees. Goodhart is a minority shareholder.

AVI has a unique focus on investing in asset-backed companies, and an exceptional 37-year track record of attractive absolute returns having consistently applied this approach for nearly 4 decades. The investment process is value-oriented and event-driven, with a willingness to be activist.

AVI manage three capacity-constrained strategies, with some remaining capacity available in each.

In addition to the vehicles below, AVI manage segregated accounts across the three strategies.



    Established in 1889, the objective of the AVI Global Trust ("AGT") is to achieve capital growth through a focused portfolio of investments, particularly in companies whose shares stand at a discount to estimated underlying net asset value. The Company has followed AVI’s distinct investment style since 1985 to achieve superior long term returns.



   The AVI Japan Opportunity Trust (“AJOT” or “the Company”) invests in a concentrated portfolio of small-cap Japanese equities that are significantly overcapitalised. Asset Value Investors will leverage its three decades of experience investing in asset-backed companies to engage with company management and help to unlock value in this under-researched area of the market.



   The AVI Family Holding Companies Fund (the “Fund”) is an Irish Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF) that deals on a monthly basis. The Fund invests globally in under-researched listed family-backed holding companies, unlocking value from discounts to NAV and inefficiencies in holding company structures.

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